Welcome To My Slice of Life

More Than You Should Know About Me

Bay Area transplant living the dream in Las Vegas. Marketing director in the tourism industry. Fully independent, self-sufficient, non lady-in-distress type. Data junkie, zombie lover. Loves to travel and discover new places, go road biking, hike scenic trails. Enjoys kickboxing and yoga.

Website tinkerer, adore all things CSS, HTML + PHP but tolerates C++. Digs Apache but can navigate an IIS environment. Knows how to find the IPv4 and how to update an MX record so I get annoyed when I get told to reboot the computer when I can't get Internet access.

Gets excited over spreadsheets and flowcharts. Partial to PC and Android over Apple products. Have an uncanny knack for reverse engineering pretty much anything. Double jointed, has a brown thumb, newbie cook. Driven, friendly, very easy going. Always up for constructive conflict but not a fan of drama or complicated.

I'm a horrible liar, which can be very bad in certain situations (like planning a surprise party or being pulled over by a cop who asks, "Do you know how fast you were going?").

Life's too short for all work and no play!